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    Antennas at half price in October


  • Dual polarization, professional sector antennas for base stations 802.11n 2x2 MIMO 5 GHz. Well suited for direct connection of devices like Rocket, BaseBox, Netbox, Netmetal.

    In October, we have prepared a promotional prices for many models of sector antennas. The promotion is valid while stocks last.

    Sector SA 56-120-15 HV


    Sector SA 5-90-17 HV WB


    Old price: 78.32 EUR

    New price: 39.16 EUR netto

    Old price: 75.99 EUR

    New price: 37.99 EUR netto

    Single polarization sector antennas designed for the construction of base stations 5GHz 802.11a / n operating in vertical polarization. With N connector allows for direct connection of electronic equipment like Bullet, Groove Metal.

    Sector SA 56-120-16V


    Sector SA 56-90-16V


    Old price: 71.31 EUR

    New price: 35.65 EUR netto

    Old price: 65.93 EUR

    New price: 32.97 EUR netto

    Narrow beam width allows more precise targeting of the radio signals and avoid interferences in highly urbanized locations. Ideally suited for electronic devices like Bullet, Groove Metal.

    Sector SA 56-60-16V


    Sector SA 56-45-19V


    Old price: 50.27 EUR

    New price: 25.13 EUR netto

    Old price: 54.94 EUR

    New price: 27.47 EUR netto
    Check more antennas in promotion.

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