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    Welcome spring with Parabolic antennas


  • Cyberbajt company is glad to offer following limited time spring promotions for Parabolic antennas.

    Our dual polarized antennas series provides frequency range and level of separation between polarizations unattainable in competitive solutions. Other highlights: superb VSWR ratio, an ultra narrow main beam of radiation, reduced side radiation and reduced level of side lobes.

    This solid parabolic antennas series is made from high quality materials which ensure long operation and long life-time. Antennas are equipped with the front radome which protects feed elements against bad weather conditions.

    28dBi series is designed for long distances from 10 to 20 km mainly, but can be use also for longer distances, it's depending on the project and expected throughput. All antennas has backradiation in the level of > 40dB.

    On the 27June 2015, the students of the Technical University of Wroclaw, using Cyberbajt Parabolic antennas set the record of WiFi connection - The WiFi signal has been sent for a distance of 250km. They set Polish record of the length of radio connection.

    This spring promotion offers you Parabolic antennas also with additional accessories such as outdoor metal cases or a special Precision mounting system.

    So, don't waste your time, be the first and get the best solution in best price!

    Offers expire April 30, 2017 or until stocks run out.
    For more information, please contact +48 666-111-266 or m.paluch@cyberbajt.com

    Parabolic SD 5-28HV WB BOX


    Parabolic SD 5-28HV WB BOX Precision


    Old price: 239,80 EUR

    New price: 142.85 EUR netto

    Old price: 266,19 EUR

    New price: 166.66 EUR netto

    Parabolic SD 5-28HV WB Precision


    Parabolic SD 6-28 HV WB


    Old price: 248,48 EUR

    New price: 157.14 EUR netto

    Old price: 222,99 EUR

    New price: 150 EUR netto

    Parabolic SD 5-28HV WB


    Old price: 222,99 EUR

    New price: 142.85 EUR netto

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