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    Shipping terms:

    1. The shipping price is calculated for each order separately. The final price depends on the size, weight of the order and the country to which it is sent.

    2. After placing an order in our store you will receive an e-mail with calculation of transport costs based on the provided delivery address.

    3. Large-sized products, especially packed on pallets are shipped via Kuehne + Nagel.

    4. We carry out shipments in Europe and all over the world.

    5. The packages are dispatched every day before:
      DPD - before 16:00
      UPS - before 17:00
      GLS - before 15:00
      TNT - before 14:00
      Kuehne + Nagel daily but on special order

    6. Examples of delivery times:
      Austria, Denmark, France: 3 days
      Germany, Slovakia, Hungary: 2 days
      Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia: 2 days
      Belgium, Netherlands: 2 days
      Romania, Sweden: 3 days
      Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria: 4 days
      United Kingdom, Ireland: 4-5 days
      Greece, Spain, Switzerland: 4-5 days
      Portugal, Norway: 4-5 days
      Australia: 6-7 days
      USA: 5 days
      *In case of urgency we can send the package by air.

    7. If you're not VAT registered in the EU, you'll need to pay the Polish VAT 23%.

    8. Payment methods:
      Bank transfer:
      Alior Bank S.A.
      IBAN EUR: PL 31 2490 0005 0000 4600 8414 0481
      IBAN USD: PL 19 2490 0005 0000 4600 9429 3105

      In the case of eCard payments, the fee charged by the eCard system is 1% of the order amount and is added to the shipping costs
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