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Parabolic SD 5-32HV WB Precision

Product code: 5387

SD 5-32HV WB Precision is a parabolic dual polarity antenna with ultra-high gain of 32 dBi, very wide frequency range of operation (4,9 - 6,2 GHz) and very high separation level between the connectors of two orthogonal polarizations of the antenna.

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Technical support:

Paluch Monika

Technical support: Monika Paluch

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Parabolic SD 5-32HV WB Precision
  • Technical specification

    Antenna type dual polarity, parabolic
    Frequency range 4,9 - 6,2 GHz
    Gain 5,2 - 5,7 GHz: 32 dBi
    4,9 - 5,2 GHz: 31 dBi
    5,7-6,2 GHz: 31 dBi
    Polarization vertical + horizontal
    Back ratio >40 dB
    Separation between connectors >50 dB
    Vertical beam width 4-5 ° for -3dB
    Horizontal beam width 4-5 ° for -3dB
    VSWR <1,5 for 5,0 - 5,9 GHz
    <1,9 for 4,9 - 5,0 GHz
    <1,9 for 5,9 - 6,2 GHz
    Impedance 50 Ohm
    Side lobes 5,2 - 5,7 GHz: < -20 dB
    4,9 - 5,2 GHz: < -17 dB
    5,7 - 6,2 GHz: < -17 dB
    Connector 2 x N/Female
    Wind load 56 m/s
    The diameter of the mast / pole 26 - 72 mm mm
    Dimensions 855 x 410 mm
    Dish dimensions ø 800 mm
    Package dimension 108/27/98 cm
    Total weight 12500 g
    Weight with mounting 9000 g
    Weight without mounting 6000 g
    Warranty 36 months
    We made every effort to match the actual technical parameters, but we can not guarantee that they are free from errors or omissions.


    Very high gain two-pole parabolic antenna (32 dBi), wide range of operation (4.9 - 6.2 GHz) and high isolation between two antenna inputs operating with orthogonal polarization.

    The profiled and elongated flange of the main mirror of the antenna allows for the reduction of side radiation so that the antenna is suitable for mounting in locations where other systems operate in the band, minimizing their impact on the link being created.

    Isolation of over 50 dB in a very wide operating band is ensured by the use of a bipolar transistor in the form of a square waveguide with appropriate distribution of metal bars inside the structure.

    This solution provides unmatched compatibility with VSWR <1.5 in a very wide bandwidth while minimizing insertion losses (attenuation) in the radiator.

    The Cassegrain mirror system with modified secondary mirror provides reduction of the side lobes level and narrowing of the beam of the main radiation characteristic.

    The antenna also has less weight and dimensions compared to competing solutions, which greatly facilitates its assembly and visibility when used in high bandwidth link building using MIMO 2x2 or Nstreme Dual technology.

    Robust handle with antenna attached to the antenna ensures stability and high wind resistance. Made of stainless steel sheet thickness 2.5mm. Equipped with adjusting screws and M8 alignment screws (13mm flat key screw). It enables smooth and precise antenna adjustment:
    In vertical (top-down): 50 degrees
    In the horizontal plane (left - right): 20 degrees
    Complete with 2 M10 wedges matching the mast with a diameter of 26 - 72 mm. The cyanide yoke is made of 2.5mm galvanized cold rolled steel, 25 mm wide. Nuts of u-bolt for a flat key 17 mm.

    Antenna mirror (parabola) made of 1.5 mm aluminum alloy, Cassegrain headlamp made of 1 mm aluminum alloy. The mirror, reflector, radiator and antenna holder are protected from external influences.

    The parabola and reflector cover is made of very durable and low-loss HIPS, UV-resistant. Thanks to this, the antenna is perfectly protected against weather conditions, which guarantees durability and constant parameters during operation.

    Due to the large dimensions, the antenna is delivered in an unfolded state for self assembly.

    The design developed in collaboration with RFline . The solution of the dual-polarized radiator was reported to the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland.

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  • Warranty

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