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    MikroTik - The EoIP Bridge

    Michał Błaszczyk, 2007-06-19, Drukuj
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    There are some kind of movement which has to be separated from another one, which move on the already existing logical link. One of the most simply method of gaining satisfied separation is to create parallel virtual link – tunnel. The tunnel enables data transmission and depending on the kind of tunnel, we may additionally profit by that- for example, data encryption, packets compression.

    Making the transparent tunnel, based on common wireless link, is composed by our assumption of configuration. In order to do it, the system will data transmitting from first device to another one with using of the EoIP tunnel (Ethernet over IP), which, in logic way, will be put between two wireless cards, working in the same address subnet and will transmitting the movement of entire second layer and by that – will make transparent bridge.
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