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    MikroTik ? the WDS bridge

    Michał Błaszczyk, 2007-06-20, Drukuj
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    The WDS Bridge

    Creating the transparent bridge is one of main assumptions of our configuration. In order to make it the system will be moving data from one interface to another one with the bridge.

    Before the configuration beginning, one should reset the device to factory presets (the console command: /system reset ).

    After logging onto device with the Winbox (more description in guide „first logging on”) firstly we have to create the bridge. Choose „Bridge” from the main menu (on the left) and then click on „+” from already appeard 'Bridge submenu' and „OK”.

    Next, in the 'Port' tab we have been configuring the interfaces belonged to the bridge. For example, if the ether1 and wlan1 is added, the transparent bridge will be created between the ether1 and wlan1.

    One should remember that the bridge cannot carry the movement if one of wireless interface works on 'station' mode, what rules out using of 'station' mode for creating the wireless bridge. The solution is using of the WDS mode.

    The link with MAC address would be unstable, so it is worth to give the IP address to bridge.


    The main IP menu, then 'Address' submenu.

    It is also worthwhile to add the gateway. The fastest way is using the consola:
    /ip route add gateway=address_IP_gateway

    The same as above action we can make with the Winbox: In the 'IP' tab -> 'Routes', click on „+” and our gateway is added.

    Creating wireless link.

    The first card will be presented in the 'ap bridge' mode.

    We may test the ether as regard of prescence other networks with using of the snooper. It will be helpful at choice of work channnel.

    Firstly find the free frequency and choose that. One should remember about identical ssid on both devices connected with one another.

    It is worth to protect the access to ours MikroTik by ticking off „default authenticate”. Only added MAC address (from wireless card of MkroTik) would be connected at this moment.

    We have to add it at 'wireless' tab, where we should add the address to the fields od 'Access list' and to the connect list. After all it have to look like follows:


    Now, we return to configuration of wireless intefaces.

    Go to 'Data rates' tab:

    If we have strong signals, then set it as on the picture belong, in order to our device will be connected at 48Mbps only (do not set on '54' in odrer to have security in stuck, in case strong distrubances. At the beginnig, I recommend 'auto'.

    Then choose the 'WDS' and 'WDS mode' tab, tick „dynamic”. Next change 'WDS default bridge' to „bridge1”

    At the 'Nstreme' tab set, as below:

    If one use the routerboard and would like to uprate at maximal degree, then one should turn off the 'connection tracking'.

    In order to do it choose the 'IP' -> Firewall -> 'Connections' tab -> click on „tracking” button.

    Tick off 'Enabled' at the new window, as at the picture:


    Do the same things, as for the other side, with the exeption setting the device on 'station-wds' wireless mode.

    If the configuration is correct, devices will connect in the WDS mode.

    Please remember to configure all cards according to this mini instruction.

    Please not forget about adding MAC addresses to the Access and Connect list.

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    • 1. The WDS Bridge

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