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    The WLAN security

    Stanisław Sirko, 2007-07-11, Drukuj
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    The datas of devices are sent by wireless in the Wireless Network which are compatible with the IEEE 802.11 standard. The mainly problem of that solution is that every station, placed within range for transmit station, receive data sent what enables wire tap. Lack of security mechanisms would be a reason of possibillity data prcessing by every station within range of receiver.

    In order to guarantee the minimum security level one should ensure confidentiality to signals with encode algorithms and apply access control to WLAN networks by using of certification mechanisms.
    The WEP algorithm (Wired Equivalent Privacy) was been the first solution made by the IEEE which has to guarantee security for WLAN networks.  Unfortunately, as it quickly turned out – the wireless network used the WEP algorithm have not been safe because of many weak point discussed in the next part of this report.
    Set up of the Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance oraganisation, known as the Wi-Fi Allinace, has become the very important event. This organisation promotes the WLAN technologies and standardises security profiles, known as WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) and WPA2.
    The IEEE 802. 11i standard – market name: WPA2 – has finally published towards the end of 2004. Nowadays, the most of WLAN devices, availabled on the market, support the IEEE 802.11i standard.

    The elaboration of currently available mechnaisms which enhance security of wilreless WLAN network has been the main point of this report.

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